RAK 8213+Mini PCIe USB dongle SIM placeholder

Hello to all.
I have the following module: RAK8213 BG96 based Mini PCIe cellular IoT module GNSS+NB-IoT USB2.0 CatM1&NB1\EGPRS, Pin compatible with EC21 Mini PCIe dongle

Unfortunately the SIM holder for the mPCIe has been damaged (one pin has been broken) and I cannot use it any more. So, I tried to use the SIM holder from the accompanying mPCIe-to-USB dongle. Is there any special configuration that I need to perform in order to disable/bypass the mPCIe SIM holder and activate the one residing in the mPCIe-to-USB dongle? For now it seems that I cannot access the SIM, since I get an +CME ERROR: 10 when I hit AT+CPIN?

Many thanks in advance for your time!

I think you should replace SIm pins .