Hello all,
I am building a network that is internet independent. so my question is can the RAK 831 be set up to receive data from the nodes just at the LoRa modulation level without the use of the internet.

Sure, you can program it or alter an existing program to do it. Not an easy thing to do.

But do you need to? How many devices are you going to have? Point to point / mesh may be simpler to implement.

Thanks alot for your reply
I have 5 lora nodes that need to send data to the gateway and at the same time, I want to control LEDs on the node,
I want to trap the data from the nodes on nodered and also controlling from nodered.
but i want to do all this without internet. currently from the config i have, once my gateway is not connected to internet, i do not recieve any data from the nodes anymore
please can i get help on this?

What are the nodes you are using, ie model name & number?

It could be possible to use the RAK831 on a Raspberry Pi and run ChirpStack which will give you a complete solution. But I’d first look at using point 2 point as it will be much simpler to setup / code.

Using a RAK831 point to point won’t be all that easy, the mature available software is the packet forwarder intended to interface with a LoRaWAN network server.

As Nick says you can however run a network server (and application server and the whole stack) locally without internet dependence, RAK’s own gateways (both pi and MT7628 openwrt) have an option to do that, chirpstack has another pi image that does it, etc.

You can also write your own software which interacts with the packet forwarder software via the semtech UDP protocol. You could potentially use this for a sort of point-to-point with LoRaWAN-like uplink/downlink distinction. That’s probably going to be a lot easier than getting the RAK831 to operate in a peer-to-peer sort of point to point.

If you really want peer-to-peer point-to-point, put the expensive RAK831 on ebay or whatever and get yourself another cheap node class radio that will be simpler to use for that purpose.

Thanks alot
My nodes are the dragino shields. 4 of them. I dont want to send my data to ttn. I want to capture the data at the concentrator to my raspberry pi and also send controls from raspberry to nodes.

Will i require internet for my system to work?

ok thank you chris. I will try this and get back to you. Thanks so much

Not if everything is on the computer that constitutes the gateway and it is correctly configured, eg, all the network-type interactions use the loopback address to talk to other components on the same machine.

Thanks alot. I will try all these and get back to u

er, yeah, I should have added, buy another node and as you say, profit from selling the RAK831 …