Rak A-D sensor extension cable question

I have gotten my extension cables and was able to finally get accurate results Carl! Just a tip from a developer point of view, I think you should pitch to your team to include these cables as a part of your developer kit because the sensors have quite a bit of accuracy issues without them in my experience of the last 6 months. Also, I think that there could be an improvement to the cable. There need to be a way to bolt or buckle down the cable to the board with a screw or something pre built into the cable because I noticed it comes undone pretty easily. Do you have any ideas on a way I can keep the cable strapped down? I am worried about the cable coming undone after I have built the weather station unit and shipped it and that would be a nightmare so I was to make sure it is well secured to the device. It definitely solved the problem, thanks for the suggestion!


Hi @a1projects ,

Good to know that your sensor is working ok now. Take note that your issue is only for the temperature sensor. Other sensors like GPS, accelerometer, etc. will work without the extension cable so we just made it optional component.

Regarding its connection, to make it sturdy, you really need to bolt the Base and the Sensor to the part of your enclosure then fix the cable together using tape or hot-melt glue. Surely, we will take consideration of your feedback. For now there is no plan yet for changing the design of the extension cable.

If you have access to a 3D printer, I made some of these clips to hold the RAK19005 on the RAK5005-O

And for the other side I made these frames

I can send you the STL files.

I do! Can you send them to me? Thanks!