Rak best gps_timeout/send_interval?

hi, i have problem with the gps (FAIL.The Satellite signal not found!), sometimes the device find the satellite and send the data.
By Rak support they tell me the value of gps timeout at least must be 120
how about at+set_config=lora:send_interval:X:Y?
they tell me there is no existing chart from gps_timeout/lora_send and battery life, i need to find the perfect setup for waiting the gps, send data in lora and dont using all the battery in a few data sends

Any help please
Best Regards

I think you need to resolve what’s going on with the placement of your RAK7200 first - a hot fix for a GPS should be a matter of seconds. But if your module keeps ending up without a reasonable view of the sky, no amount of time will help it.

Then you need to describe the actual use case - I can get very long battery life by having it send once a day - which for a Monster Truck may be more than enough, not so good for Pizza Delivery Man.

You could charge up the device, turn OFF the GPS and have it send once an hour until the battery goes flat. Then repeat but with the GPS on. This should give you some idea of the battery use so that you can then make calculated decisions.

Sorry to go a bit off topic, but where did you learn about the command “at+set_config=device:gps_timeout:120”? I don’t see it in the at command list.