RAK_BL801N Lorabutton stock firmware

I have an older RAK lorabutton which I assume runs the nano100 versus the stm32. The stock code which came on the button worked okay with the AT command set. I tried to upgrade to the latest code but it bricked the button. I guess it is for the stm32 micro not the nano100? The bootloader is still present so I can flash with new code still but I can’t find the stock code. Does anyone have the original code that shipped with the RAK_BL801N? Thanks

Anyone have the old binary? It looks like RAK Wireless doesn’t even have it:

Sorry, we checked and the code we can’t provide for nano version! It not worked after we verify here
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I think I’ve got the same issue, just bricked my 2 lora buttons, how I can check the Version?

An most of all how did you solved this issue?


This is the latest firmware:
Please try to use it according to this document:

BTW, this is the source code:

This is the firmware I’m flashing, I can flash without any problem, the trick is after that I can’t have any access to Serial, tried both LoRa button, and several Serial Terminal.

Then, open a serial port tool on your PC, and press anyone of keys more than 5
seconds, then you can see the following information on the serial tool console

This is doing absolutely nothing, nothing is seen on serial port.

Same problem here. Can program but doesn’t work. The code @Fomi linked to is for an ST microcontroller I’m pretty sure the RAK811-N uses some Nano100 microcontroller. Looks like RAK lost this source code. Anyone have a RAK811-N they could try and read-out the binary?

Yes it’s a 4key_Button_V1.1 hardware and RAK811-N

So how do we resolve this issue @Fomi ?

I’m sorry, this is a very old product, and i can’t support on it.

Not really looking for support just the original binary that it shipped with.

Joe, may I have your email?

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I sent you an email @kenyu

@kenyu i have the same issue. Could i get a copy of the firmware?


I have found a firmware for RAK811-N with Nano100 microcontroller. I have tried it and it works. It is for the EU915 version and it seems that it is not possible to change it using AT commands.

@asg Thanks for the file, it seem to work as the lights are on and it will respond to some of the AT commands. But i need the EU868, is there any way to get the 868EU version of this firmware?