RAK boards templates for Visual Studio Code/PlatformIO

Good night all,

Let me sugest a topic for development: I would like to have available board templates for RAK boards for PlatformIO/Visual Studio Code.

This kind of templates would reduce the workload during the development.

Could it be?



Hi, @crmrosa

Yes, you’re right, and what you suggest is what i think about recently.
I think it will be very friendly for developer using VS code/PlatformIO for RAK boards.

You, me, and other interested developers, all of us can discuss about it in this forum topic.
So i think it is a nice suggestion, and if you like, you can lead this topic.:wink:

Thank you!

It will be my pleasure to help our community.



I would also love to for the platform to be more flexible. Perhaps when the new gen of RAK nodes is out :slight_smile:

Thanks @crmrosa

More information:
We’ve deleloped a firmware framework named RUI for RAK boards, actually it can be used for RAK8211 series, RAK8212 series, and RAK815 now. In the future, RUI will support other RAK boards.
RUI can be compiled with GCC, so i think it may be helpful to make a VS code/PlatformIO template, but i don’t know if it is. Maybe you can have a look at this open source project.

Hi @Fomi ,

My GitHub account is crmrosa. I will try to understand the RUI because I have some good ideas how to improve my RAK5205 behavior. May be it could be a good start of my RUI learning process.

Thank you by the opportunity,


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