RAK Common GW - Chirpstack v4 not as default


When installing the “RAK common for gateway” (see github here) I noticed that Chirpstack V3 is installed.

Would it be an idea to install Chirpstack v4 per default or are there any reasons why this has not been done yet?

Does anybody have some background info on this?


Hi @DeBuffel The scripts are not updated, and the MQTT Bridge in the RAK Edge gateways is not supporting V4 yet. Once this is fixed, the scripts will be updated with V4 for the developer gateways.

Hi @Velev, thanks for this quick response and it makes sense not to go for V4 when it is not compatible yet. Any idea when the fixes will be in place?

I can not say a fixed date. But suppose soon. Chirp Stack V4(CSv4) can be used with Packet Forwarder and Basics Station normally. But there are some fixes that need to be applied in the WisGateOS (RAK Edge gateways) related to the protobuf when the MQTT bridge is used to fully support the multiregional feature of the CSv4.
I hope to be with the next firmware releases of the WisGateOS and WIsGateOS2. :crossed_fingers:

But if you need the V4 now, you can just remove the current V3 version and install the V4.

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No urgent need for me to upgrade to v4 now but I will play around to upgrade to V4 in the comig days. Thnx