RAK dev. best pratices

Hello comunity,

I come to ask how do you fellow dev. work around the Lora chip using the RUI libraries.
Let me explain, having to code then put the code on the online compiler then upload it to the RAK811 (in my case) takes a lot of time.
Is there any other more time effiecient way to test the code? Logic and such.
I am open to tips or the simple asnwer of “its just how it is”

Truth be told. That’s the downside of online compilation. It takes time just to figure out that you miss a single semicolon.

Few tips I have:

  1. Use better IDE that can give you indication of simple errors like missing bracket for a codeblock, etc.
  2. Plan ahead how you will structure your approach with minimal attempt of recompilation (Not for all since there are coders who just type-compile and type-compile and type-compile continuously).
  3. Utilize serial output logs so upon compilation, you’ll get as many info as possible. Like where your code stop, etc.

You are right on a Good IDE…but i guess the compiler thing is just as is.

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