RAK Device Firmware Upgrade tool 1.4 timreout Error

Dear Team i used Rak811 Module.
First i Upgrade Firmware 3.0.014H with help of STM32 Programmer.
than i upgrade RUI Firmware with Help of RAK Device Firmware Upgrade tool 1.4 its shown timeout Error. How can i upload RUI Firmware in RAK811.
please help.

When you upgraded the firmware using STM32CubeProgrammer, did you use the .hex file or the .bin file? The bootloader will be on the hex file. That’s the one you should upload.

I am thinking that your timeout error is related to the bootloader.

when i upgraded the firmware using STM32CubeProgrammer i used .hex File.
than I reset my RAK811 Module.
Still i Face timeout error uusing RAK Device Firmware Upgrade tool 1.4
what the problem i can not understand. please Help Me.

When you upgraded using the STM32Cube, did you get a chance to run a quick test on the module before applying the RUI firmware?

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As per the above suggestion No, I did not get a chance to run a quick test on the Module before applying the RUI Firmware.
what do I do For firmware RUI Firmware upgrade?

my RUI Firmware upgrade step Below.

  1. I put Rak811 in Boot Mode and then I Upgrade Firmware v3.0.0.14.hex File.

  2. then I show successfully upgrade the firmware
    3.Then I Remove boot mode and also show in RAK serial Terminal upgrade firmware version
    UART1/3 so on. also, I share screenshots shown below.

    Lora ® is a registered trademark or service mark of Semtech Corporation or its affiliates.
    LoRaWAN ® is a licensed mark.

    RAK811 Version:
    UART1 work mode: RUI_UART_UNVARNISHED, 115200, N81
    UART3 work mode: RUI_UART_NORMAL, 115200, N81
    LoRa work mode:LoRaWAN, join_mode:OTAA, MulticastEnable: false, Class: A
    Initialization OK

  3. then I used DFU tool 1.4 to download my RUI firmware I show a timeout Error
    which screenshots shown below.

please suggest to me how to solve this problem?

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