RAK Eagle Files

Hi all,
is there eagle file for RAK chip and devices ? I’m interesting with the RAK811 breakout board especially.
Thanks in advance for sharing,

Or at least fritzing. I am interested as well.
Might couple nice with a nano :grin:


Thanks @Fomi but why i asked for is about eagle file to design a PCB board to plug the breakout board in.

Hmmm, perhaps if you use the reference design for the RAK811 WisNode, and remove all the programing circuitry the uart, the step up, etc???
Will this work?

here : https://www.rakwireless.com/en/download/LoRa/RAK811#Hardware_Specification
there some PCBLib files. I’ll gonna take a look to it.
But what should be awesome is to have an RakWireless Eagle library to get at least pluggable components like the RAK811 and the breakout board.

That is the one I mean, I have seen those already a long time ago, but I agree an eagle lib would be nice, perhaps even for the 5205. What about fritzing, if you want to make a carrier board to plug the breakout into and add some sensors?

i’m not a good hacker so i used Frtizing before but it’s too buggy … so i do an effort, watch an Eagle Tutorial and it’s a lot more efficient. Also autorouting works like a charm, it exports all files needs to order a PCB. And its a reference.

Yeah, in my experience auto routing lever quite works the way I want, perhaps the eagle people have finally figured it out :). You are right however generating all the layers is a plus. However for the purpose of making a carrier board I think fritzing would be faster, if you are designing for production, I am not competent to advice there :slight_smile:
But those altium libraries, can’t they be imported in eagle?

it seems Altium library should be export in an “ACCEL ASCII” format to get imported in Eagle (i’m really not an expert)

Sorry no expert either, I will look into it if I find out how I will let you know.

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My more competent half, @velev will provide you with a link to the eagle files for the RAK811 WisNode. I hope this is of use to you.

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In battle altium vs eagle for RAK library altium still winning in the avaiablity

No one has that the gerber files?