RAK firmware for chirpstack

I am using RAK wireless 833 with Raspi. Initially I was using RAK with loraserver(now Chirpstack) on remote server. Recently I updated my loraserver on my remote server to Chirpstack, after that the RaK module has stopped working with the new server. Is it probably because RAK firmware image is using old loraserver. If yes, will RAK be releasing the updated firmware soon?
Emil Peter

Hi @epeter,

Yes, we have seen this things about loraserver/ChirpStack too several days ago, and we’re working hard to release a new version firmware for RAK831, RAK833, RAK2245, RAK2247, and RAK7243, in the new version firmware, we’ll use ChirpStack and remove all about loraserver. We’ll release it next week, please wait for several days. Sorry about it.

Thanks for letting me know.
Emil Peter