RAK Gateway NOT CONNECTED for 10 minutes a few times a day


i have 2 Multitech Gateways and one new RAK7242 Pilot Gateway Pro.
The 2 Multitech Gateways works perfect since 1 year.

The new RAK Gateway interrupts the connection to the TTN server for about 10 minutes a few times a day.During this time, the data is lost.

RAK7242 ist the latest from 20190717
i used the latest tutorial from https://downloads.rakwireless.com/en/LoRa/Pilot-Gateway-Pro-RAK7243/Application-Notes/Get_Start_with_RAK7243_with_LTE_LoRa_Gateway.pdf
Gateway ID: eui-b827ebfffe5490da


I think it is RAK7243, not RAK7242.:wink::wink::wink:

1.When the connection between RAK7243 and ttn is interrupted, log in to the gateway through ssh and use the command “ping github.com” to check whether it can be pinged.

2.Use the following method to check whether the power-on time of the gateway is consistent with the startup time of the lora process.
(a).Use the following command to view the gateway power-on time.

date -d "$(awk -F. '{print $1}' /proc/uptime) second ago" +"%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S"

(b).Use the following command to view the startup time of the lora process.

ps -eo pid,user,comm,lstart,etime | grep lora_pkt_fwd

In the first step, check whether the packet is lost due to network failure.
In the second step, check whether the gateway is restarted or the lora process is restarted.

here you can see the screenshots.ping is ok. the dropouts still occur.The LORA process always starts again. Why is that?

i think, the warnings in syslog from the gps are not the problem

Aug 16 16:50:54 rak-gateway ttn-gateway[1015]: WARNING: [gps] could not get a valid message from GPS (no time)Unbenannt

When the rak’s gateway is not connected to the server, the lora process will be automatically restarted.

Use the following command to determine if the gateway has restarted the lora process because it is not connected to the server.
cat /var/log/syslog | grep "PULL_DATA were not ACKed"
If the following is output, the gateway restarts because it is not connected to the server.

Can you try to modify the global_conf.json file of Multitech Gateway? Modify the global_conf.json file as follows, then restart Multitech Gateway for the configuration to take effect. Back up the global_conf.json file before modifying it.

Then observe that when the rak gateway’s lora process restarts, the Multitech Gateway’s lora process exists or is restarted.

I have two rak gateways. They restarted the lora process at the same time this morning because they didn’t communicate with the ttn server. After about twenty minutes, the lora process runs normally.


the device is running since 1 week with a lot of dropouts.

unfortunately I can not change the Multitech gateway. both are in action and not in my office

The lora process restarts because the gateway cannot connect to the ttn server for unknown reasons.

How does the gateway access the internet?WIFI, wired connection or LTE?

If it is LTE, 2G, 3G or 4G?

i tested wifi and wired connection.

Is wifi and wired network available at the same time?

Can you just use wifi or just use a wired network?

i only use wifi at the moment

Can you send me the file /var/log/syslog?
Email:[email protected]

Can rak’s gateway and Multitech’s gateway be on the same network?

no. During configuration, the multitech gateway was on the same network. Now, the multitech gw´s are in the LTE network.

Please also regularly check https://status.thethings.network

They currently experiencing performance issues.