RAK Gateway with Actility Application Server support

Hi RAK team,

Iam trying to connect a RN2483 lora end device to RAK 831 (868 MHz ) and Actility application server through OTAA join procedure.

But it seems every time iam end device(RN2483) is getting a denied response.

After checking with ThingPark(Actility) team they said an LRR software should be supported by the gateway .

So, my question to RAK wireless team is there any plan to support Acitility’s LLR software…?

Please share me some contact numbers so that ican share with ACTILITY team

Thanks & Regards,

Hi, @rk8266882

We are working with Actility togather to support LLR on RAK2245 Pi HAT recently. It will take some time to release.
It may work on RAK831 too, but we need to test it on RAK831 after we get the release version.

Hi Fomi Tong,

Thanks for your quick response .

Is there any timeline for the final release…?

Otherwise please share us a preview package of RAK831 compatible LLR software and guidline document to flash the software to gateway

Thanks & Regards,

Hi, @rk8266882

In fact, this project is developing by us and Actility, but i can’t give out the timeline for the final release, because i can’t control the progress of Actility. I’ll contact with Actility to urge them to complete ASAP. When we release it finally, i’ll reply you in this topic at the first time.

Hi Fomi ,

Thanks for your support.Looking forward


Whats the status of this? Its been 1 year 6 months and I dont see any RAK Wireless devices on Actility’s devices list.


Hello @brolly759,

For this answer please refer to the following post:

Maria H.