RAK Gateways information

Hi Team,

May I know the warranty details for RAK7249,RAK7258, and RAK7240 gateways?

Thanks in advance.



What problem did you encounter?

I’d actually interpret that as a pre-sales question - like, if I buy some, how long is the warranty.

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@nmcc Thank you for your remind !

We have support to made you using it forever!

Same here, buy one of my electronic modules and as long as it’s a reasonable request, I’ll support / repair / replace it.

Hey Nick, what kind of electronic modules do you sell and for what purpose?

We design and build a variety of modules & devices for security & IoT applications - some of them are specific to a particular task and some are pretty generic. We also create devices from our existing designs to client requirements, some where we write the firmware, some where we co-write it and some where we use an ATmega or ATtiny so the Arduino eco-system can be used.

Mostly we use the RAK4200/4270 to offload the LoRaWAN requirements and I use the RAK4260 for very small devices as the firmware is on the module itself.

Power options include intelligent solar (as I live in the UK) - solar / LiPo and backup batteries.