RAK Helium Developer Kit + GPS Tracker - no com port

Hi, I have the 2 items above, and neither will detect a com port (the Arduino 1.8.19 IDE is grayed out when I go to Tools > Port).

I have a dual-boot Windows 7 / Ubuntu 16.04 machine. When I first plugged in the USB connector, it showed that Windows 7 was installing device drivers, but it failed to install the 4631 driver. Since then, it has not reported any driver installation, even after a reboot.

The Linux side does a similar thing, but it reports in the IDE that there is a syntax error when I try to upload the file. Also, I cannot get any response from the AT command set (no echo).

I thought for sure if I purchased 2 separate WisBlock items that at least one of them will work, but neither item is working. Any ideas?

I have studied this forum and I definitely see that other people are having com problems, but I have tried to get it working for 3 days now, so I think I need help.

Regards, Adrian

Hi @logman , welcome to RAK forum :+1:

I believe this is the same issue you sent on our customer support in Zendesk. Maybe we can discuss there directly since you provided some extra images. However, as a quick note here, I will probably suggest to upgrade your windows and ubuntu operating system versions. It might be a quicker solution than trying to figure out how to make latest software packages to work on an older operating system.