RAK Hotspot V2 - onboarding issue

Hello, I just received my RAK Hotspot V2, and I have some trouble with the setup. Could somebody help? :slight_smile:

Welcome to RAK forum @DaweUrbi ,

For on boarding issues, please send the details on [email protected]. Please include the serial number/QR of your device.

Hello, thanks for your message. I sent you an email with the requested information.

Did they help? I sent an email weeks ago and they never reply. I cannot onboard both black spot I bought from their store. Erros says: no manufacturer found for this hotspot

Why are you keep telling customers to send email? I’ve sent 3 already weeks ago and never got an answer from you guys.

Unforunlteay not yet. They just sent me e-mail that they contacted support and let me know soon as they got answer but its been already couple of days.