Rak lora wistrio 5205 firmware compilation with free Ac6 OpenSTM32 IDE


Hi all,

The Wistrio 5205 example firmware project is only provided with Keil IDE, which is limited to some kbytes of size and i can not afford it just for this project (1500 $).
So I decided to use the latest free Ac6 OpenSTM32 based on Eclipse IDE and GCC toolchain to compile the firmware (HF version / EU868) and after a lot of tries, I succeeded to make it run.
If anybody is interested I could make the project available with a little explanation of howto proceed. I’m a newbie in C compilation so I made some choices that certainly could be improved :slight_smile:


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(Fomi Tong) #2


That’s really great! Thank you for your contribution, it will help developers!
Can you share a tutorial for developers how to use Ac6 OpenSTM32 IDE to compile RAK5205 source code? Then we can try to use it for testing, if it works well, maybe we can use it to instead of Keil for Github RAK5205 project and give a link to your tutorial on Github.

(Sergi) #3


Thanks for the alternative suggestion, I would appreciate as well if you can share some guides on how to use another IDE.

I have used a free license for another board through - Nucleo.
Is it not the same solution available for RAK5002? When I try to register for free Single-User License it asks for RAK5002 **Product Serial # (PSN) which I don’t have. Any ideas?


(Vladislav Yordanov) #4

That would also be very useful to me too. Please share your experience. This way we can make some improvements to the firmware and than compile and see what happens :slight_smile:

(Ezra van Manen) #5

It would be really great if we could develop for the RAK5205 with a free platform so if you could share your method I would be forever grateful :slight_smile:

(Fomi Tong) #6


Have you completed the development on Ac6 OpenSTM32 IDE?
We are looking forward to your good news. :slight_smile:



I just got back from vacation and i’m going to post my code and an explanation on github this week or next week.


(Neil Ablang) #8


Were you able to make it work with OpenSTM32?

I would appreciate if you can share the github link


(Sri) #9

Awaiting to hear back from you.

(DA SILVA) #10


The compilation process works with all firmware versions, but I encounter some troubles when I run it on the board.
The board reboots permanently and the serial displays a lot of strange characters. I need help to investigate with the serial process, but I’m very busy with the project, so I’m using an old firmware (1.1.3) that compiles and work fine on the board.
I started to put something on gitHub, I’ve a beginning of tutorial that needs to completed before posting it.

I’ll tell you when it is in place.


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(Sri) #11

Sure. Would await your results…