RAK MINER underperforming


I have had my miner installed for the past year but I think it might be underperforming

Is there an easy way to confirm how well it’s performing & quick fixes to allow better earnings ?

I followed initial instructions during install about allowing gateway but maybe I didn’t do something correct

model RAK7248

Connected with Ethernet cable to 1Gbps high speed internet directly to modem in same room, in downtown metropolitan area , next to a window elevated on some boxes

Let me know what info is missing to help

Thank you so much!

Hey @91f059b489f0e4016207

Can you share the name?

Allow me to contribute as well to this relevant question. Earnings are very much dependent on proper location of the antenna receiving/sending beacons & witnesses to “POC” your hotspots availability. You can check so by reviewing your hotspot’s activity. It should be similar to this.

About “this” … this is my non-rak miner and has been online since Aug. 2021 (back in the day you could earn some money from it) and it’s located on my rooftop in highly dense city in The Netherlands and no real “clear line of sight”. Despite, it still perform pretty OK with a non-RAK (but high grade) 8dBi antenna.

When your miner is located indoors with the standard 2.8dBi antenna and probably with energy efficient windows it’s not really weird to have a low-performing miner. It has nothing to do with the miner or your internet connection, it’s simply the LoRa signal not reaching far enough to either earn with beacons & witnesses or with data.

Hope this helps.


The name of the miner?

Shambolic fossilized otter

Robert ,

Thank you for the detailed reply

That is photo of my recent witness list . Yes good call on windows and indoor router ,

Is there a specific antennae you recommend for my router?

I probly won’t mess with roof install but there is a tall pole by my house I could pay someone to mount it to , also wonder if tree would suffice or do the branches block signal

There is a tall tree on property which could give elevation needed

Do you just run a wire down from antenna?

Thanks for the help across the globe :earth_americas:


IT would seem as suboptimal range, you have quite a lot of witnesses, but your beacon having only 13 sometimes in such a dense area means that your range is not optimal, you should only see maxed out ones at 14. Additionally you are in an area where earninngs are not great as it is very competitive.
I would improve range as much as I can this will already have a big impact, get a 5.8dBi antenna and a cable (invest in an arrestor too), or an outdoor enclosure combo:

Hey Hobo,

Thank you for taking the time to make a detailed response to my issue

Okay I will purchase those items

Just to confirm , my unit is not malfunctioning or having any gateway issues ? Instead the issue is its range capabilities & this will be fixed with the parts you mentioned?

If so that is great , thanks again

Hey @91f059b489f0e4016207

Does not seem to be an issue with the unit. Af for the items “fixing” the issue, there is no guarantee you will get a huge increase in earning, as I said are is very competitive and it all depends on where exactly you mount the antenna in the end.


Thank you, Last question

Is there any reliable way to greatly increase earnings ?

Certain unit / models ?

Or is this simply location based ,


All models earn the same, it only depends on the area and range.