RAK miner v2 syncing and relayed issue

Issue: not syncing , Relayed

Setup: port 44158 is open

Server: helium

Details: I have a Rak miner v2 .
I have open port 44158 , I tried dmz to rak miner is too .
My rak miner not sending beacon or challenging others because it is relayed . The hotspot from US relayed p2p to other hotspot in UK and it made super slow my device compare to other relayed hotspot around me .
My hotspot stucked on 940580 block and never pass that .
I tried turn the device off too for 24 hours but no help it is stuck to that block and that p2p address and will never release .
Is there any solution to fix it .
It is very frustrating for me

Hello. Did anyone ever get back to you on this with a solution?