RAK Outdoor Enclosure & Grounding


I am setting up my RAK Outdoor Enclosure for the RAK Hotspot Miner.

I was planning to use it with the RAK inline lightning arrestor mounted on the top of the enclosure along with a 5.8 dBI antenna.

I notice there is a screw hole on the bottom of the enclosure along with a screw - is this for grounding purposes?

If so, would I need to ground both the enclosure and attach an lightning arrestor if i plan on installing the antenna directly on the enclosure?

The second question is regarding the screw for that location. If it is for grounding purposes the screw that comes with it is a bit too short to use with the ground lug for my ground cable - i would need to get a longer screw - what size screw is the one for that location?


Hello @Slim416 and welcome to the forum!

You are right, the screw is for grounding purposes. Specifically, grounding the enclosure itself. You can use a 10 AWG or better grounding wire to ground the enclosure.

For the LoRa antenna it is recommended to use a 10 AWG or better grounding wire to connect the arrestor to the tower mounted LoRa antenna. Make sure you connect the screw terminals of the arrestors to the grounding rail mounted on the building wall or a grounding bar.

You can check this link for more information.

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