RAK Serial Port tool not response from RAK811

Hi, I got to experience on RAK serial port tool no response from RAK811 after few minutes of connections. I have to reset RAK811 to reinstate serial connection.

I am using WisNode-Lora (WisKey) and Lora Breadboard with USB serial adaptor and both have the same problems. When RAK811 does not accept any AT command, it still sends and receives messages to loraWan, just stop serial port communication. Also, RAK811 keep receiving an empty message, don’t know why?

Hi. What version of bootloader and firmware you using? And it seems you use custom code, share it maybe :slight_smile:

I don’t know what other people used RAK811 for but I think it is must to make custom code for a specific task for their need. Only using AT command can’t accomplish some tasks. I think it also possible boot loader (3.0.2) make purposely to disconnect AT command after start up few minutes for reasons. If that is reason then I do not surprise. Otherwise it is a fault and I need to find out. Also, I post on other thread about PWM and multicast feature, I don’t understand why it has not been developed since there are important feature for application, without that will significance affect performance.

Hi @fangfchen,

I’m sorry for that.
We’ll check it tomorrow, i’ll ask my colleague to contact with you for more details.

About PWM and multicast, yes, i think you’re right actually, and we’ll evaluate it ASAP, but it may not be developed recently because we’re working on othere features.

From the serial console log pictures you provided, why did you execute the AT cmd “at+set_config=device:boot”? This AT cmd will switch system to boot mode, and in this mode system waiting for firmware update.If not update firmware,must exit this mode by AT cmd “at+run”. In boot mode,system can’t parse any AT cmd except “at+run”.

Yes, indeed I need to get in to boot mode but RAK did not response. Accurately, RAK811 will not response to any AT command after power up for a while, is this the normal case?

For the new PWM feature developed, it seems has bug in it, because when the PWM controlling the LED lights, it flashes intermittently while in normal working condition. I hope it can be fix because this is not good enough for a real case application. Thanks.


I guess you maybe config UART1 to transmission mode,you must switch it to normal mode by send “+++” command.

It isn’t normal." for a while" is how long?Initalization is very fast.

You’d better close auto_send by “at+set_config=lora:send_interval:0:0” command.Then test PWM, whether there is still this isuue.