RAK Serial Port Tool/RAK 7201 Windows 10 Driver

Issue:I can’t find the driver for Windows 10 RAK 7201
Setup: I have installed RAK_Serial_


Details: I am trying to communicate with a RAK7201.
In my device driver list I see USB2.0 Serial Under “Other Devices”, not under Port (COM & LPT)

So no comport is being assigned.
It seems there is no driver.
I can’t find the driver for this device.

Any suggestions?

Hi. You can download the CH340 driver from here: CH340 Driver
But Win10 should find this automatically.
You can find the documentation for RAK WisNode Button 4K(RAK7201) here.

Similar issue with trying to connect Serial Tool to a 7204. I get the connection tone when plugging 7204 into USB but 4 COM ports display in the tool when I only have one, and none of them will open the Port. Worked fine previously (pre Windows update). Disconnecting 7204 does not change available ports. Downloaded Serial Tool again but no difference. Tried a different cord, pushed reset, reconnected battery. No change.