RAK Store Shopping Cart issues

Greetings, I noticed a couple of issues with the RAK Store shopping cart that might need to be addressed:

  1. If you add multiple quantities of a product, then select add-on items below the product, it only adds ONE of the add-on item. For example, adding 2 RAK2287 units, then selecting the HAT only adds ONE hat to the cart. Without careful examination, the user will get the wrong quantity of the add-on items.

  2. When viewing the shopping cart, if you change an item quantity using the spinner (up/down buttons) you have to wait for the page to refresh with each single increase/decrease of the quantity. It should have a slight pause to allow you to adjust to the desired quantity, then only refresh after no change was made for more than X seconds.

  3. If you change the quantity numbers manually, as soon as you change focus from one quantity to next item, the page refreshes. Instead, you should be able to change as many quantities for different items as desired, then click an “Update” button to update all quantities simultaneously. This would save a lot of confusion and time.

Thank you.

Hi Ryan,

Thank you for the feedback. We appreciate this input from our customers.

Regarding #1, I will share this to the team.
Regarding #2 and #3, on my end, it works fine. Adjusting the spinner automatically adjust the quantity. Also, even if I manually input quantity. There is update cart button but I do not need to use it. The refresh/reloading of the page is quick and even I do changes while it is refreshing, it still reflects on the quantity I desired. Could it be some connection related issue?

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Hi Carl, please observe bug #2 examples in the following video:

You will find that changing the quantity slider FAST will allow change of more than one. Changing normal speed, or slowly, refreshes page between each change. This issue is worse in Firefox than Chrome.

Also, you will find that changing quantities manually (enter number in box) triggers refresh of page as soon as the box loses focus: you can’t change two different quantities before the page refreshes, and takes you back to the TOP of the list. Then you have to scroll down again to find the item you were working on. This is so annoying as I am usually trying to change multiple item quantites and then due to large cart I lose track of the item and have to scroll downwards to find it.

Bear in mind that I am not trying to be picky, but I am simply trying to help make the RAK store better, as I believe in the RAK product line and want to see it succeed.

Thank you for doing the effort and sharing the screen capture.

I understand now and can confirm the situation. I already forwarded this to our team. We’ll do our best to see what we can do to improve this experience. We appreciate the feedback :100:

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Hi @thegpx ,

I just like to update you that we implemented few changes based on your suggestions (reloading is still there though).

Thank you for the suggestion/s and we surely continue improving the experience/s we provide (as much as we can). These feedback/s are very valuable to us to keep improving :+1:

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