Rak Temperatures are off in weather station

I built a weather station with your Rak 4630 chip. I am having an issue though when it is in the sun with my build. Today the temp was around 54 and it was registering 83. I do think this is because the sun is heating it up. The outside cone has 6 holes to let air get in it but I am wondering if that’s just not enough. Is there is something I can put around the case to deflect the heat or if I need to redesign the outer cone with my air way possibly or is the whole design no good? I printed this with petg material. Would ASA have helped solved the problem?
Also is pressure or gas being effected by this case? What can I do to make this better?

The WisBlock temperature sensor is not sensing the ambient temperature if that is what you are interested but the internal temperature of your enclosure.

If you need the ambient outside temperature, you need something like https://www.makerlab-electronics.com/product/waterproof-temperature-sensor-ds18b20/

Then you also have to consider where to place it because direct sunlight will definitely affect its reading.

So how can I wire this to the rak 4630 and add it to the code? Would I add this via the pins or the modbus? Also is the case effecting my humidity or anything else readings? Could I solve it by making the case more aired out?

DS18B20 is temperature sensor only. The full details should be in the datasheet. There are lots of tutorial how to use this via Arduino which is also compatible to WisBlock Core RAK4631.

Again, you are measuring the humidity of the inside the case and not the ambient environment. You need to reposition the sensor in such that it can be exposed more outside at the same time protecting it from direct sunlight/heat. Also of rain.

If this is outdoor setup, you should consider outdoor temperature and humidity sensor. Some of those are interfaced via ADC, I2C, RS485, etc. Depending on the type. Where to get it? You can probably check in google.