When creating a timer in RUI3, what are the accepted values of RAK_TIMER_MODE mode ? It is probably obvious/simple, but I haven’t found it documented anywhere.

    /**@par     Create a timer.
     * @param   id the timer ID
     * @param   handler the handler function for this timer
     * @param   mode the mode of this timer
     * @return  bool
     * @retval  TRUE for creating timer successfully
     * @retval  FALSE for creating timer failure
bool    api.system.timer.create(RAK_TIMER_ID id, RAK_TIMER_HANDLER handler, RAK_TIMER_MODE mode)

Documentation is still in work.
Possible values are

typedef enum {
    RAK_TIMER_ONESHOT = HTMR_ONESHOT,	///< This timer is only triggered one time
    RAK_TIMER_PERIODIC = HTMR_PERIODIC,	///< This timer is triggered periodically
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