RAK V2 antenna frecuencies!

My RAK V2 default antenna read 902-928 MHz, but I cannot find any 8 dbi antenna with this frecuency. Instead, I found a 900-930 MHz.

Sorry if this is a silly asking, so please, please, just try to help me in a way I can understand what you are trying to tell me :upside_down_face:.

Can I use this 900-930 MHz frecuencies antennas, instead of the 902-928 MHz frecuencies for the RAK V2 hotspot miner ?
Or it must be used exactly the same range of frecuency of 902-928 MHz that comes with the miner?
I am on the Dominican Republic, it is the best antenna for my country?
Thanks in advance.

Hey @Dalsom ,

This is the right antenna don’t worry, the 8dBi antenna cover the whole 902-928MHz band and more thus it is suitable. You can go ahead and get it, it is the proper frequency range for your region.