Rak v2 helium hotspot

Issue: power light is on can’t connect WiFi or Bluetooth

Setup: rakv2 hotspot



Hello I setup my helium rak v2 hotspot a week
Ago and was running fine. Overnight I get a message it’s offline. The red light is on but I can’t connect to it by Bluetooth. Power cycling was no help but red ligh still comes on. Any options here?

Hei @Keys120 ,

So pressing the button does not help in connecting, you still can not see it in the app?
Is the green light on too?


I’m having the same issue both lights on for 72hrs reset not working, no Bluetooth , unplugged sd card & power still nothing :unamused::face_with_raised_eyebrow::man_shrugging:t6:


You need to re-flash the firmware, head over to our discord for instructions:


I’m interesting also by RAKStars community on Discord I have a problem with RAK7248 Développeur WisGate D4H.

My Rak is having issues too. It is listed as offline but I can ping it locally without any issue. When I reboot it starts syncing but it seems as soon as it is done it goes to ‘offline’ again.
When I go to the miner address (locally) I do get a popup for the login (what are the login details btw?)

What do I need to do to get the miner back online?

ps the link to the discord server has (i think) expired (at least it is not working anymore)

I haven’t seen a wifi broadcast from my rak v2. This is my first night having it powered up to sync. I do have a question about logging in to the unit via IP address. I hope to setup several remote systems and am curious how I will be able to do this if my only access to the system is via bt.

Hei @ThingMiner ,

The hotspot does not broadcast via Wi-Fi. One night is generally not enough time to sync give it more time. There is currently no way to remotely log in and do diagnostics, only possible via Bluetooth.
You can still use online tools like Helium Hiker, Hotspotty, Helium Explorer to monitor it.