Rak V2 Miner Issues

Hey folks. New here. Obviously.

I have a used Rak V2 Miner. As well as a Bobcat 300.

I know my transmit scale is halfed. Tried a vpn. Getting no where. Moving past it.

Since I’ve enjoyed the awesomeness of the Light/Lite (it’s whateves) Helium Hotspot upgrade. I’ve had nothing but issue after issue. My hotspot stops just out of the blue. Reduced rewards. And stopped witnessing.

I did upgrade the MiscroSd through Parley Labs. Seemed to work fine for a couple of days only to go back to these issues again.

The hotspots name is Happy Glass Owl.

I work a lot. And a single parent. The passive income really helps. Or atleast it did.

Help appreciated. I’ll respond when. I can.

Thanks folks!!!

Hei @Papastoned42

Unfortunately this is an issue that seems to have prevailed since the 11th when Light hotspots were introduced. A lot of people experience this, me included. The Nova team is looking into it, they are updating the community daily:

Your hotspot is online and connected to a Validator, so this is as good as it goes on the other end, the rest is an issue or a combination of several that the Nova team would have to deploy a fix for. We would all have to wait.


Ahh good to know. Thank you for the update and knowledge.

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