Rak v2 stuck syncing

My Rak v2 has been up and running for 4 weeks no issues . For last 2 days it has had no beacons/witnesses /rewards(last beacon was 1:35am on Dec.3) and has been in syncing mode. When I check diagnostics every thing shows as good. Any ideas on trouble shooting?

Hot spot: Special Clay Lark

Same thing has been happening to my goldspot for the last two days. I have been reporting to diagnostics but no answer yet.
I haven’t heard anything from rak either.

This is probably a falling out of synch issue, if you generate the report and copy it over instead of sending it to helium support you can compare the block height of your hotspot to the current one and see if it is close to being synched.


It says 100%

Here’s the full picture.
Tha is for the fast answer, Vladislav!!

Height: 1,126,516
Am I close? In real time I mean…

Hotspot: special-clay-lark
Hotspot Maker: Cal-Chip Connected Devices
Connected to Blockchain: yes
Dialable: yes
Height: 1,126,647 12/5/21/1:09pm ( I pulled report at 2:05pm)

Current height is 1,126,746 12/5/21/2:57pm

I did a power cycle last night. Left it unplugged for about 3 hours then powered back up. Still had same issue. But know hot spot is reporting offline even though report says its not… so I think it is some sync issue or delay in chain

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Don’t power down leave it connected they are both about synced, only a matter of time till they witness, they are already participating in challenges.

Thanks. Yes finally synced. Block has been bad this month. Hope it clears up as far as issues soon

Hi having similar issues…
Syncing for the past couple of days… sync % have been going down steadily from yesterday 99.70% to 99.55% now; inbound/outbound is good. Got the RAK V.2 about a month ago… been working well … this is the second time it has gone down, but the first with this syncing issue. Any insight/help would be tremendous! TIA.

…and it’s been stuck @ Height: 1,130,369 since yesterday.

Seems to be more of a blockchain issue or possibly firmware with RAK. I did a power cycle and let the hotspot sit for a bit with no power then plugged it back in and it took a few hours for it to sync back to the blockchain.

Thanks for the insight…so it’s probably not the SD card? I will try your recommendation tho.,thank you!

I’ve read the suggestions here (seems helpful), however, when I go to pair my hotspot via Bluetooth the unit is not showing up.

Last Monday I set the rak up on my roof in an outdoor enclosure - it worked great the first 24 hours and then after that - 0 earnings 3 days in a row until I finally it went offline.

I reset my wifi extender in hopes that may help.

Yesterday it came back online according to my hnt app updates but it is still syncing. How can I connect to the unit to run a diagnostic without having to climb on my roof?

RAK hotspots have a Bluetooth button on the side. You need to press it for a few seconds and then look for your hotspot via the app

For sure I just can’t get to it rn bc it’s on the roof on a mast… I was hoping there would be another way aside from just waiting it out.

my rakv2 is trying to sync for 14 days …is all good apart catching blockchain

Hi @pete ,

Head to our discord for real time updates on the issue. It is a network wide problem and Helium will be releasing a fix for it shorty.