RAK/WisBlock Supplier in the UK?


I’m enjoying the wisblock system a lot. it took me a while to take the 25USD shipping costs and order, but now i’m enjoying it!

However, now i want more… but still am struggling with the shipping costs :wink:

Is there a supplier in the UK?

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Not sure, but there are some Europe based vendors here Search RAK Distributors and Partners - RAKwireless - IoT Made Easy

I’m aware of the list and can find some Swiss and EU suppliers, but not UK.

Swiss suppliers have a difficulty shipping to the UK, and the EU is also not great. So i was hoping for mainland UK.

I’ve also find that not every shop has everything in stock (of course…)

The list isn’t easy enough to find that :wink:

Thanks anyway. Will find a European supplier.

I am RAK and I have problems to find that page always as well. I just found it because my colleague Carl just sent it in another thread here :rofl:

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So, i went through each and every site.
There’s no real supplier for the WisBlock stuff in the UK. Europe has some, but then i might as well do aliexpress…


Don’t feel too bad. There isn’t a real one in the US either. Not one that stocks anything I actually need, in any case.

I always end up having to order from AliExpress, or the RAKWorelss store (but their shipping cost is much higher than AliExpress) to get my wisblock items.


I’ve moved over to aliexpress as well. Mainly because the shipping costs aren’t too high.

I guess if I was a big company and had to order 100’s of devices, then it would be not a problem to have the shipping costs. As an amateur this is of course important.

Looking for a UK WisBlock supplier? Check these guys out! https://rakwisblock.co.uk/

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Welcome to the forum @PDM78

High transportation cost is one of our problems. Every distributor/re-seller in Europe and USA is welcome as a partner of RAKwireless.
Check out our RAK Partners Network.