RAK/WisBlock Supplier in the UK?


I’m enjoying the wisblock system a lot. it took me a while to take the 25USD shipping costs and order, but now i’m enjoying it!

However, now i want more… but still am struggling with the shipping costs :wink:

Is there a supplier in the UK?

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Not sure, but there are some Europe based vendors here Search RAK Distributors and Partners - RAKwireless - IoT Made Easy

I’m aware of the list and can find some Swiss and EU suppliers, but not UK.

Swiss suppliers have a difficulty shipping to the UK, and the EU is also not great. So i was hoping for mainland UK.

I’ve also find that not every shop has everything in stock (of course…)

The list isn’t easy enough to find that :wink:

Thanks anyway. Will find a European supplier.

I am RAK and I have problems to find that page always as well. I just found it because my colleague Carl just sent it in another thread here :rofl:

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So, i went through each and every site.
There’s no real supplier for the WisBlock stuff in the UK. Europe has some, but then i might as well do aliexpress…