RAK WisGate Edge Pro 7289 no uplink received from some device

I have installed RAK Gateway on my rooftop and it is now connected into TTN v3 server. I live in Indonesia wich is allowed 920-923Mhz frequency. Now i have two different device, the one is a GPS tracker from GlobalSat and another one is Pycom Lopy4 board. The Lopy4 board use this example program from Pycom using OTAA method. The GPS tracker never get failed when joining and sending uplink, but in the other hand Lopy4 status only reach “forward join-accept message”. The uplink message from Lopy4 never received on the server althougt the serial monitor from this device is saying that the mesage succesfully sended. I dont know why this is happened, because my Lopy4 board run normally when i turned on another gateway. Please help me.


I updated the RAK gateway into the lastest firmware, it’s work better now but still at some case the message didnt received well.