Rak WisLink5146

I have a RAK WisLink that I am attempting to set up as a LoRaWAN for my rpi 3b+. This is using a usb to spi. I have managed to set install chirpstack, and I believe that I have all the repositories downloaded. I am new to all of this so please keep it dumbed down slightly. My end goal for this is to basically install a photosensor in my mailbox that will send alerts when opened. I purchased this RAK, for use with meshtastic, but later learned this is not applicable. I have reached out to tech support with rak, but keep getting the same copy and past instructions that arent working. Or at least, I have not managed to get much accomplished. Can someone help with this?

Thank you for the reply! Yes, I learned the hard way after purchasing. That is why I am attempting this project. I have my meshtastic nodes up and running. I understand that they are NOT compatable with LoRaWAN. I believe that I was able to get everything set up as far as the RAK is concerned. I just now need a little help pointing to an end device that would serve this purpose. Thanks!!!

Why don’t you take your Meshtastic device and write a firmware for it that works with LoRaWAN?

Every Meshtastic RAK device can run any Arduino based firmware. You just have to write it and flash it.
Then setup your RAK5146 RPi as a gateway, you can even run Chirpstack server on the same RPi.

As much as I’d love to do that, I am very new at programming, and definitely no clue how to do that. I have the gateway set up. I just need help with the sensor and connecting it to the gateway.

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