RAK Wistrio lora 5205 power supply (USB / Battery)

I know that the RAK Wistrio Lora 5205 board can/should be powered by the USB port but I need to integrate it in a car where the input voltage is around 14V (using a step down converter from 14VDC to 5VDC) and also use a Li-Ion battery for safety. I think the USB connector is not enough resistant to car vibrations, so I was wondering if I could use the solar panel connector to power the board with an external stabilized 5 VDC?

I’ve seen in the documentation that we need to remove the J11 jumper, so the battery is charged by the solar panel (and not by USB) and I hope the board is also powered. Am I right? What happens if I connect my computer by USB for firmware updates? Do I need to change J11 jumper?

Also, what is the reference of the solar panel connector (JST) ?


In the meantime, I found the connector battery reference : JST ZH 1.5MM

Yes,you can use the solar panel connector to power the borad with external stabilized 5 VDC.
J11 jumper only affects battery charging, but has no effect on board power supply. After removing J11, the board can be powered also and the battery can be charged through solar panel or USB.
But don’t connect USB and solar panel at the same time,so disconnect the solar panel before connect your computer by USB.

It is not clear to me when I should or should not fit the J11 jumper.

Should I place the J11 jumper in the following scenarios:

Scenario 1:
I have a battery connected to P1 (battery connector)
Board is powered by USB

Scenario 2:
I have a battery connected to P1 (battery connector)
I have a solar panel connected to P" (solar connector)

Hi @kastayou.
J11 jumper only effects the battery charging/recharging. If you short it the solar panel powers the board directly, if it is not shorted the solar panel charge/recharge battery. In Scenario 1 the jumper should be open. In Scenario 2 the jumper should be short to charge the battery. But if you want to connect to PC please remove the solar panel as @hairuitao mention. You can find more in the manual RAK5205 Manual

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Thank you for your explanation. I have read many many times the manual but I was not able to understand what is written in the section describing J11 jumper.

With your explanations, I can now understand what is written in the manual.

Thank you

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