RAK10700 as a mapping device for TTN Mapper

Hi everybody,

I want to use tens of solar powered RAK10700 devices for a long term automated mapping campaign with garbage trucks.

Does anyone know how to integrate these trackers into TTN so that they can contribute to the TTN Mapper coverage maps?

I have several Adeunis FTD in use with TTN Mapper, but they are not robust enough to perform this job on a long term basis.

Thank you in advance and kind regards,


Welcome to the forum @LandkreisKG

I never tried the TTN Mapper. Am I correct that once you enabled the TTN Mapper integration in the application on the TTN server, the device has only to send the location in a specific payload? And this is then forwarded to the TTN Mapper?

I don’t know the payload format required. But when you use the “standard” firmware for the RAK10700 (you need the latest version from Github it supports the Helium Mapper data format. You can select it with AT command ATC+GNSS=2 ==> LPWAN-Tracker-Solution/AT-Commands.md at main · RAKWireless/LPWAN-Tracker-Solution · GitHub over USB.

That would be worth a try. Otherwise it will require a change in the code to generate the required payload.

Thank you very much, Bernd!

@jpmeijers Do you have experience with RAK Modules for the TTN Mapper and could maybe supply me with the right payload decoder?

The solar powered RAK10700 could fill all of my needs (robust, reliable, does not need manual switching [on & off]).

I want to add the most precise data to the maps for the benefit of the whole community.

Thanks in advance and kind regards,
Hartmut Vierle