RAK10700 low power behavior

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  • What product do you wish to discuss? RAK4631

  • What firmware are you using? Arduino BSP

  • What firmware version? Can it be obtained with AT+VER=?

  • Computer OS? (MacOS, Linux, Windows) Windows

  • What Computer OS version? Windows 11

Good morning,

I would like to understand what is the RAK10700 low power behavior. I mean:

  • What kind of event make it to sleep? for example, a lack of movement.

  • What is the power consumption expected in this sleep mode?

  • What kind of event make it wake up? for example, a RAK1904 interrupt when the device has specific amout of movment, ±2g/±4g/±8g/±16g

  • Where is the code that RAK10700 comes from factory? Is it a RUI3 code?

  • What is the kind of low power behavior we can expect from sensors, I mean:

  1. RAK1904: it will be putted in low power mode where it will still on but just wait for a movement to send a interruption for nRF52840, isn´t it?
  2. RAK1906: it will be putted in low power mode and it will be waked up every 15 minutes by a clock interruption, isn´t it?
  3. RAK12500: it will putted in low power mode and it will be wakeup up in warm mode after a RAK1904 interruption for nRF52840, isn´t it?

How we can get LoRa network time and how to set the frequency of this operation, for example every each 24 hours?

Thank you by your support.



Source code is in Github LPWAN-Tracker-Solution

Arduino BSP based, not RUI3 (but I have similar code based on RUI3)

In sleep mode whenever possible, expected sleep current is ~30-40 uA
Wakeup events

  • motion triggered (with check to avoid starting a location acquisition too often)
  • timer triggered if no motion is detected

RAK1906 is only read when a locations acquisition is started

RAK12500 is powered off between location acquisitions to save battery. It will always perform a cold start

RAK1906 makes not much sense inside this device, it is IP65, so humidity, temperature values are basically measured in a sealed environment and not the outside environement.

Thank you by your excellent support as always.

The RAK1906 is being used to check if inside environment is in the operations levels(temperature and humidity), because it will be installed in a train wagon and in some time it could be too hot or if humidity is too high (if the train is crossing a flood region) .

The RAK5801 will be doing the pneumatic pressure measurement of the breaks.



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