Hello to All,

I am using the RAK10700(END OF LIFE : GNSS Tracker for LoRaWAN u-blox ZOE-M8Q)
and the GNSS precision is very low(I have enabled the GNSS with 6 digit).
Was placed to open sky without movement and without big buildings near of it.
The packet interval is every 120sec.

As you could see to the image(is for 12 hours every 120sec gpos) the RAK10700 is on the same position always but every time I get very long positions via the tracker.
Could you help me please???

Welcome to the forum @programmergr

This might be related to the way the firmware is acquiring the location data.
The code checks only for a generic location fix:

if (fix_type >= 3) /** Fix type 3D */

You can improve this by checking the number of satellites found and a better precision by changing the code to e.g.:

if ((fix_type >= 4) && (my_gnss.getSIV() >= 5)) // check for fix type GNSS fix and at least 5 satellites

The source code for the RAk10700 is in our Github repo LPWAN-Tracker-Solution.

The code changes are in the gnss.cpp file.
Arduino code ==> gnss.cpp line 237
PlatformIO code ==> gnss.cpp line 236

Hello @beegee
Thanks for the reply.
Because I don’t know how to generate the new firmware could you provide me the firmware with the new changes to upload it to my device?

Thanks a lot!

Could anyone compile the firmware with the suggested fix?
Is critical issue for my agriculture project…

Not 100% tested, just a quick patch:

WisBlock_LPWAN_Tracker_V1.2.0_2023. (192.6 KB)

Unzip the file, so you have a file with the name WisBlock_LPWAN_Tracker_V1.2.0_2023.

Connect the RAK10700 over USB to your computer. Double push the RESET button on the device twice. It should show up as an external drive. Copy the .UF2 file to that new drive, it will flash the updated firmware.

The result of a quick test looks quite good.
This is 1 hour with getting the location every 2 minutes:

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Dear @beegee

Thanks a lot for the firmware!
I will deploy the new firmware to the device and will revert with the results.

Thanks again!!!

Still the same at a sample of 3hours with 2min interval.

In another brand at Lorawan tracker they have at datasheet
Position Accuracy(CEP)
5.0m (Direct Line of Sight)
This is a good accuracy…
Maybe I will buy it because the 5meters is OK for a GPS precision.

The above with the patched firmware!

Is your GPS antenna pointing towards the sky?

Yes…is for agriculture project and towards to open sky and also I have attached external active GPS antenna…