RAK10700 Sensor deep sleep wake up


I want to use the RAK10700 and the acelerometer or shock detector or any other of the sensors that are embedded to wake up the device when it is in vertical position and deep sleep when horizontal.

Can that be done?

It will be difficult.
The RAK1904 is a 3-axis acc, so it will detect motion in x/y/z directions. It will be tricky to detect the final position with only this information.

Hello guys

I think when the sensor is flat on a surface and not in motion it will still return 1 g for one of the axis. This data should be usable to figure out the orientation of the sensor. Please see this document about tilt measurement.


Thanks for the comments, the idea is deep sleep the device until a shock or vibration is received, so meanwhile the device is horizontal it is shut off and if it is vertical it will wake up.

I am not sure if the device can be wake up from an axial sensor event.
I wonder that would need a physical wire from axis sensor and nordic.

For this configuration, you need to learn about how to config the LIS3DH using registers. ST includes an application note in him site to make this possible.

Too, you can to learn more about the Sparkfun Library for LIS3DH, that includes examples to configure the accelerometer using registers.