RAK10701 and disk91.com QR code not working

I got my RAK10701 working again after I bricked.

Now I trying to get it work with the QR code function on TTN v3, redirecting to a disk91.com website.

But all I get is the blank screen above. To verify I also configured the RAK10701 to work with Helium and that integration works flawless.

Can someone explain how to get it to work? I followed all instructions carefully and cross checked with disk91 own Github reference.


Hi @rjwelling ,

Can you confirm if you RAK10701 get complete info when you integrate it to TTN? What I mean is if you get number of gateways, distance, SNR, RSSI and GPS coordinates.

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Hi @rjwelling ,

What I mean are these values in the LCD. If there are any missing data/info, it could be that it cause missing location on QR link -

Hi @rjwelling ,

We are now looking on the backend for possible issue. There could be an issue on the integration between TTN and the backend. I’ll update you ASAP.

@carlrowan thanks! I’m using the EU1 instance.


@carlrowan any news on the backend issue?

I have the same problem.
Any solutions?

Any news on this issue?

Hi @Axterminator ,

Both TTN and Helium doesn’t support Discovery mode at the moment. At Helium, there are some issues related to buying multiple packets when they migrated to Solana so it’s just returning packets from one of the hotspots. Nevertheless core functionality like gateway count, RSSI, SNR, etc. are still ok.