RAK10701 cannot detect nearby RAK7268


I was checking if my new field tester could detect my indoor gateway. As I’ve managed to let the tester join the gateway and view the uplink data, but the tester just displays the (–) number of gateways.

I assume as well that the uplink data was related to my current location.

  "data": "0A57D055E0AC04380C09",
    "data_encode": "hexstring",
    "adr": false,
    "rxInfo": [
            "gatewayID": "ac1f09fffe999999",
            "loRaSNR": 6.5,
            "rssi": -14,
            "location": {
                "latitude": 0,
                "longitude": 0,
                "altitude": 0

Was the field tester compatible only with industrial or outdoor gateways?

Would you suggest any workaround where I could use the field tester to move around with it within my gateway coverage?


Donnie Cristobal

Very curious to know how you can use a field tester with a Lora gw ? as opposite at most radio gw a Lora one doesn’t emit anything out of very few times it sends some downlink !

Welcome to RAK forum @donniecristobal ,

The number of gateways shown on the RAK10701 comes from a downlink. For this to be successful, your network server should be properly integrated to disk91 backend server so that parameters like number of gateways, rssi, and distance can be reported back to the field tester.

What network server are you using? Does the gateways and your RAK10701 got a good GPS fix? Maybe you can share a screenshot on what is shown on your RAK10701 so we can have a better look what’s happening in actual?

Thanks, @carlrowan for your considerate response.

I’m using the built-in network server of RAK7268. Though the field tester got a fix, my gateway was not (it was not GPS-capable.)

I intend to use the field tester as a node placement guide as I move around prior to actual deployment.

Many thanks,

Donnie Cristobal

H @donniecristobal ,

So far, the RAK10701 only supports three network servers in the cloud that integrates with disk91.

We have a complete guide here how you can setup on each one.