RAK10701 Does not show data on screen and the manual button trigger does not work

I have a problem with the RAK10701. The device joins the network without problems and when GPS is available the device also sends data. But now I have two problems.

  1. the device shows me on the display no RSSI or other data.
  2. we want to use the device indoors and unfortunately nothing happens when I press the side button / on / off switch.

I have already tried all different versions of the firmware including the BETA firmware but none has given me the desired result.

I hope there is a solution here.

Welcome to the forum @btm222

What LoRaWAN server and what backend for the RAK10701 are you using?

We are using chirpstack and i customized backend. We are just interessted into the RSSI

Does the device join the network?

Do you see any data on the LNS and in your backend when you push the button?

Did you try outdoors, waiting for it to get a location to test the basic functionality?

It is joining the network and i can receive data in in my backend when the device got a location. But i donĀ“t see any results on the display of the device and when i press the button inside a building with no location information it does not send any signal. My device only have one button which is the on/off is this the correct button or is there a device with additional buttons?

There is only one device and the button has multiple functions. A double-push of the button should force the uplink, even if there is no location information. Single push turns the display on/off and long push (5 seconds) turns the device on or off

For the downlinks, do you see the downlinks to the device in the LoRaWAN server.
Can you send me the format of the payload that is sent back to the device.(Real data would be the best).