RAK10701 field tester screen is always black

Hi Rakwireless professional users
My new RAK10701 field tester has problem,
RAK10701 field tester screen is always black,
(1) I have tried to turn on device by pressing power button, for many times, screen is still black
(2) connect to PC toolbox, wistoolbox can read tester’s information,

(3) even I do factory reset, screen is still black.

Kindly help me to resolve this black screen black issue.
Thank you so much

Could be a problem with the cables between the WisBlock module and the screen.
Can you carefully open the Field Tester and check the connections:

Check as well how the cables are organized inside the enclosure

Hi Bernd,
Thank you,
open the case, there is battery around the soft cables,
I think I need to remove battery first, then I can check the cable connection,
So, how to remove the battery?

Battery is fixed with double sided tape.
But there are 4 screws on the battery carrier. Try to remove the screws.


But if you feel not sure about the procedure, open a ticket with [email protected] for the issue.

Hi Bernd,
I put it on the desk over the weekend, then power it on,
Screen is OK now :slight_smile:
Thank you anyway.