RAK10701-H mapper won’t turn on after firmware update

I did a firmware update on my new RAK10701-H field mapper using the WisToolBox Android app and it said the update was successful but now I cannot turn it back on.

I tried to do a firmware update using the Windows version of the WisToolBox software but does not update.


Welcome to RAK forum @Neil ,

Can you please confirm that you used the firmware here when you updated using WisToolBox and not the default firmware for RAK4630?

Also, when you updated the firmware, is the unit battery condition good (I mean is it charged and not low batt?)

In the Android app I think it used the default 4630 firmware which it said it uploaded.

I tried the firmware in your link by the windows software.


It was also charged.

I did notice that it shut off before the update was finished but the App said it was successful