RAK10701-H not finding hotspots

I bricked the RAK4631 module that came with my RAK10701-H mapper by uploading the wrong firmware using the Android app.

I just received my new RAK4631 module and updated the firmware successfully using the WisToolBox computer program.

My issue now is that in Plug & Play mode, the DevEui, AppEui etc are all blank.

In custom mode, they all show up.

It currently doesn’t find any hotspots but before I bricked the old one, there are 4 located close to me.

Not sure how to get it working again.

Hi @Neil ,

There is a special configuration needed for the RAK4631-R used on RAK10701-H. I will ask our team what we can do in your case and if we can enable the plug&play mode.

Hi @Neil ,

I am closing now this thread. Please check your forum inbox for direct support. Thank you.