RAK10701-P - Chirpstack Integration


I bought the RAK10710 Field tester and I am trying to receive data. I used the Wistool to update the device and successfully connected to my Chirpstack LNS. I tried all the payloads in the documentation as well as in Github, but haven’t been able to decode the payload.

As I understood, the chirpstack LNS should send a downlink to the field tester so that it can display the number of gateways, distance, RSSI, etc… How can I configure this in Chirpstack v4?
Do I really have to use DataCake?

The field tester displays no information on the gateway, distance and other info.

Below is one of the payloads that I am receiving on my chirpstack console:

        "deduplicationId": "242278c3-c734-412c-a740-49d2dfbcd1e1",
        "time": "2024-04-25T18:53:42.408+00:00",
        "deviceInfo": {
            "tenantId": "d6ab71ff-f049-4cd3-9a3d-cfda6991feb8",
            "tenantName": "PV - Jumbo Phoenix",
            "applicationId": "52172547-bab9-439b-8ce5-43e1b53f20e0",
            "applicationName": "Field Tester",
            "deviceProfileId": "92941926-fa9b-4526-8324-a9abe9b5054c",
            "deviceProfileName": "Rak wireless Field Tester",
            "deviceName": "Field Tester RAK",
            "devEui": "ac1f09fffe0fd0ba",
            "deviceClassEnabled": "CLASS_A",
            "tags": {}
        "devAddr": "00d5d5a7",
        "adr": true,
        "dr": 0,
        "fCnt": 1,
        "fPort": 1,
        "confirmed": true,
        "data": "TiTvKOWIA/ISBg==",
        "rxInfo": [
                "gatewayId": "24e124fffef8b910",
                "uplinkId": 14594,
                "gwTime": "2024-04-25T18:53:42.408281+00:00",
                "nsTime": "2024-04-25T18:53:42.500856745+00:00",
                "timeSinceGpsEpoch": "1398106440.408s",
                "rssi": -31,
                "snr": 13,
                "channel": 1,
                "rfChain": 1,
                "location": {
                    "latitude": -20.279246145558563,
                    "longitude": 57.49518848348408
                "context": "HoAwFw==",
                "metadata": {
                    "region_config_id": "eu868",
                    "region_common_name": "EU868"
                "crcStatus": "CRC_OK"
        "txInfo": {
            "frequency": 868300000,
            "modulation": {
                "lora": {
                    "bandwidth": 125000,
                    "spreadingFactor": 12,
                    "codeRate": "CR_4_5"

Please advise how to decode the received payload and enqueue the required downlink as well using chirpstack only.

Thank you.

Welcome to the forum @Yougesh

The RAK10701 will not work with Chirpstack alone. It requires a backend that analyzes the received data and creates a downlink to the device.

See RAK10701-P Field Tester Pro Guide for Chirpstack

Can I use PHP as a backend to decode and analyze the data and send a downlink via chirpstack to the Field Tester?

That is:


RAK10701 → Gateway → Chirpstack → PHP Backend

PHP Backend → Chirpstack → Gateway → RAK10701

Will it work?
If yes, please send me details for the raw payload decoder. I’ll develop the decoder in php and also, the encoder format for the downlink.

Thanks to advise.

Payloads and example decoders are in the link I sent you. Just scroll down