RAK10701-P Field Tester Unable to select DR0 for AU915


Just got a couple of these devices and I have successfully joined to the network.

However, I am unable to select AU915 data rate 0. I need to test coverage with SF12, but the lowest I can go in the interface is DR2 (SF10).

There is nothing I could find in the documentation to achieve this.

Can someone point me in the right direction?


Welcome to the forum @sateran

In AU915, the LoRaWAN Regional Parameters force the OTAA join to use DR2:

You have to wait until the device has joined on the LoRaWAN Network Server successfully, then you can change the datarate to DR0

Hi @beegee !

Thanks for your reply I was not aware of that limitation.

I can confirm you can’t change it after it joined.

It has confirmed by support that there is an issue.

“There is a current issue on setting DR0 and DR1 on AU915 and AS923 bands. It will be fix on the next firmware release asap and currently on top priority”.

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