RAK10701-P FPort=3 , what is the meaning

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I am trying to develop a Payload Decoder for TTNV3 and TagoIO with RAK10701-P device, and @beegee is helping a lot (thank you), but the javascript that I received it has treatment for FPort =1 or FPort=2, but my device is sending FPort=3. Do you know what is the meaning for FPort=3? Take a look in the screenshot below



Well I am not sure, but when I moved to another place with more than 1 GPS satellite, in my case 4 satellites, the FPort became 1.

The fieldmapper should never send with fPort 3. It sends on fPort 1 and expects responses with fPort 2.

fPorts can be used to distinguish between different packet types, which can it make easier to decode them. It is part of the LoRaWAN protocol.

I take it back.
The Field Mapper can actually send with fPort 3.
fPort 3 is used in discovery mode, which I didn’t try yet. If I remember correct, it is used to create a map and will only work when disk91 backend is used.
It will send a bunch of packets quite quickly, then get a QR code from disk91 backend. The QR code will lead you to a website with a map of your position and the gateways/helium hotspots found.

Thank you very much by your support.

I am developing a Javascript decoder based on the code that you sent to me. When I will be ready, I will share you all.


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