RAK10701 payload

I have the RAK10701, I need to get a sample of the payload to test the function that comes with the documentation.

Hi @adesedas ,

Are you looking for this Field Mapper/Tester data format?

Yes, the one RAK10701. I need a sample payload.

I am not sure if this is what you mean but here is the payload on the Helium Console of my RAK10701.

"payload": "ClUY1f63BIoGEg=="

Thanks, let me see if this is right

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Thank you for your answer. I am using TTN, I am able to get a join message on TTN and a collision message. I am send you a picture of these two messages. Also to get these messages I need to turn off and on the device. The device will not send data by itself. Can you help?


Hi @adesedas ,

I haven’t encountered COLLISION_PACKET so far.

Btw, did you follow the guide we have here RAK10701-L Field Tester for LoRaWAN Quick Start Guide | RAKwireless Documentation Center ?

Then to uplink, you can double click the button to force an uplink or wait for a valid GPS signal so that the device can start sending packets is the configured interval.

Hi Carl, I send you an e-mail, but the message cannot get to you.

Hi @adesedas ,

Did you send it to [email protected]?

Btw, you can send me a private message directly here in forum if you need to.

Here is a video of what the device is doing. It´s seems to be sending data.

Here is a message send by TTN to the device, it fails to send data.

Have you test this device with TTN? Is there a way to know why the downlink data can not be send back to the device?


Hi @adesedas ,

Thanks for sharing the video.

It looks like you haven’t had a good join downlink and it is still on the TTN side.

I tried looking on TTN forum about COLLISION_PACKET but didn’t get much info. Maybe you can expand the failed notification and see further details. Btw, do you have other device working on TTN? Do you have access to the gateway used?

Hi Carl;

We don´t have any other devices working on TTN and Yes we do have access to the gateway.

If you had better experience with other platform, besides TTN, please tells which one and we will try to use it instead.



Hi @adesedas ,

TTN has a good customer support. Maybe you can drop them a quick message about the COLLISION_PACKET and give them some details/screenshots. There might be just a minor thing we missed.

However, as you see in our quick start guide for RAK10701, you can also use Helium network and Chirpstack(needs your own instance and datacake) for the Field Tester/Mapper - RAK10701-P Field Tester Pro for LoRaWAN Quick Start Guide | RAKwireless Documentation Center