RAK10701 schematics

can you send or publich schematics for RAK10701 ?

Thanks in advance

Hi @x893

The RAK10701 is not a single PCB. It is build with WisBlock Modules:

  • RAK19007 Base Board ==> Schematic
  • RAK4631 Core Module ==> Schematic
  • RAK12500 GNSS Module ==> Schematic
  • RAK14015 TFT Display Module ==> Schematics not released yet

Thank you very much Bernd,
I want to add additional programs to the firmware.
Are you planning to place code on RAKwireless · GitHub ?

Best wishes

Yes, it will be released as open-source.
But the code needs some cleanup and documentation before we publish it.

Perfect !
You can send me current version (no need docs) via mail so I can review and start development.
Of course if it’s possible.

no news about sources for RAK10701 ?

+1 please :slight_smile: