RAK11200 - Connect an antenna?


Just wondering if anybody has attempted soldering an antenna to the RAK11200? I can see some pads where (on the other wisblock modules) i’d expect a uFL connector.

The ESP32 modules we are using have the PCB WiFi/BLE antenna.
The pads you see are to connect an external 2.,4GHz antenna, but we don’t offer that version of the ESP32 module.

Beside of soldering an IPEX connector, it would require to change a resistor placement:

Now, i feel my age because this is way too small for me :slight_smile:

I’ll have to try it, but this is quite small!

Is there any option of getting it with IPEX?
(i guess this depends on the volume?)

We have no plans to offer the module with IPEX connector.

Thanks for the honest response :slight_smile:

Just to be clear - the reason these pads are there, and this option is there, is so that we (the consumers) can do this stuff right?
Is this seen as an option for companies to enhance? Or is this outside of the design parameters that you guys had in mind?
I’m not a professional in this world, so i’m wondering if what i’m trying to do is just not the right thing, or if it was something that RAK had in mind…

Next (honest) answer.
I don’t know why Espressif is placing these resistors. We buy the Wroover “as is” from them.
They have a variant with IPEX, but then the PCB antenna is not there (the module is shorter). So it does not really make sense to have the resistors and IPEX pads on the variant with PDB antenna.

ok, that’s surprising. Why did you guys decide to have the one with the antenna on? I found it odd to have the antenna sticking out, etc… all the other wisblocks have an external antenna and you guys already have the 2.4ghz ble antenna?

Just wondering what the reasoning behind the decision was :slight_smile:

No idea, that was done before I joined RAK.

Hehe, it feels like you’ve been here forever though :smiley:

Market introduction of WisBlock was in 2020 that’s the time I joined RAK. But RAK11200 and the RAK4631 were already finished designs then.