RAK11300 flash memory ID

What is model, make and JEDEC Id of QSPI flash memory chip in use by the RAK11300 module?
We want to use it in conjunction with Adafruit_SPIFlash library.

It would be nice to see the schematics of the module as well…

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The Flash chip on the RAK11300 is the firmware memory of the RP2040 and cannot be used as storage for data.

According to the RP2040 specs - it has no built-in flash.
As an example - genuine Raspberry Pi PICO product uses 2MB Winbond W25Q16JV flash memory chip.

I didn’t say the RP2040 has internal flash. I said our module RAK11310 has a flash chip and it is used as firmware memory and from all I know it cannot be used from the application to store data or files.

The chip name is W25Q20CL

W25Q20CL is a 2 Mbit (256 kByte) silicon.
If this is true - that would be a shame for RAK to provide such a small program space for customer needs.

Earle’s Arduino Core for RP2040 (arduino-pico) is able to split ext. SPI flash onto 2 regions - 1) firmware, 2) filesystem.
Adafruit_SPIFlash library is able to use ‘filesystem’ region as a general purpose storage.